Vanessa (she/her)
based in  Los Angeles, California
Tongva Land


I found joy in the performing arts from a young age. What started out as doing kindergarten plays, speech contests and making home movies, gradually turned into a full fledged acting career.  After nearly a decade of performing in film, television, commercials and theater in Los Angeles, I went on to earn a B.A. in Film & Media at the University of California, Berkeley.  In 2011 I returned to LA with newfound inspiration and drive to produce and direct. Since then I have produced shorts, commercials, music videos and premium documentary series. Recent credits include two docuseries for Netflix, THE MORTIFIED GUIDE and SONG EXPLODER, as well as ANGEL CITY for HBO Max premiering May 2023.

I’ve had the pleasure of filming in cities across the continental U.S. and abroad, and have seen through productions of all sizes from pre-production through delivery.  I believe film has the power to change way we see the world and reimagine our future, and for that reason, it is important to me to produce projects that help to illuminate the path forward to a more inclusive, compassionate and fair world.

As a Filipina-American and the first in my family to go after a career in film I am committed to lifting up minority voices and ensuring equitable pay across the board.  When I’m not working you can find me meditating, National Park hopping and hanging out with my pets (gecko Nibs, puppy Hama and cat Lil Mama).